Best Traction Boards for Overlanding

Whether its mud, snow, dirt, or sand, having the best traction boards will help get you out.

Our Top Traction Board Picks

Image of Maxsa Escaper Traction Board with Metal Grips ► Overall Best Value Maxsa Escaper Traction Board with Metal Grips
Image of X-bull Off-road Traction Board ► Budget Friendly X-bull Off-road Traction Board
Image of Leadracks Traction Off-road Traction Board ► Best Multifunction Value Leadracks Traction Off-road Traction Board
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Imagine that you are off-roading through deep snow, and suddenly the vehicle is stuck. There is nothing worse situation than this, except perhaps if alone.

Fortunately, there are a few products available on the market that helps you to get your stuck vehicle out. Outside of a winch, or  a high lift jack, traction boards are probably the most cost-effective recovery safety measure you should be carrying. For the budget overlander, they are a must carry.

These recovery traction boards are affordable and easily stored in a trunk or bolted to a cargo rack, but best of course the best feature is they can get you unstuck from a variety of situations.

The off-road traction boards flotation to stop the car from sinking into the soft ground like snow, sand, or mud. It provides you a better grip to raise the tires and entire vehicle to get over obstacles. You can use the traction boards while riding through sand, mud, snow, rocks, and ruts.

There are many traction board manufacturers on the market. The price of a traction board can be between $100 to $300. Finding the best one can be a tricky task for you. Therefore, we have picked up some best traction boards for you. We have also included a buying guide to make your purchase easy.

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What to Look in Best Off-road Traction Boards – Buying Guide

As you know there are different types of traction boards on the market. You have to choose one that can fulfill your requirements according to your budget. We are going to sprinkle out some features through this buying guide. It will help you to choose the best one in your budget.

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Types of Recovery Traction Boards

The recovery traction boards come in three different types. Those types are aluminum non-pliable, plastic semi-pliable, and ladder or roll type traction boards. Let’s dig deep into the types of recovery traction boards.

Aluminum Non-pliable Traction Boards

Aluminum non-pliable traction boards are made of a simple design that allows the tires to grip better. These types of traction boards are useful when you are driving on a road with ditches and big holes.

Your vehicles cannot clear these types of roads without the aluminum non-pliable traction boards. The aluminum non-pliable traction board comes with a more rigid structure to properly support the vehicle.

However, the aluminum non-pliable traction boards are not much popular as plastic traction boards. The aluminum non-pliable boards are also heavier than other types. It is hard to carry them because of their weight, size, and less flexibility.

But, they are excellent to use in sand, snow, mud, and water. The aluminum non-pliable traction boards are helpful to clear rut holes and ditches. Also, they are a bit more expensive than other traction boards.

Plastic Semi-pliable Traction Boards

The plastic semi-pliable traction boards are the most popular types of traction boards. These types of traction boards are lighter in weight than aluminum traction boards. Also, they are cheap traction boards.

The plastic semi-pliable traction boards come with large protruding cleats for extra grip. You can also use plastic semi-pliable traction boards to shovel sand. It also allows the board to get as close as possible to the tire.

However, the plastic semi-pliable traction boards are not helpful for clearing ruts and ditches. Most plastic semi-pliable traction boards are designed with slots to clean off mud and water from the tire. But, these traction boards are easy to store than the other type of traction boards.

Ladder or Roll Traction Boards

The ladder or roll traction boards are made of individual plastic and rubber section. Because of its unique design, this type of traction board can be packed tightly and easy to handle. However, the ladder traction boards are not useful in many situations.

The ladder or roll traction boards cannot provide any support and help you to free the vehicle from ruts or ditches. However, they are much useful while driving through sand and snow. It is also known as a sand and snow recovery tool.

The ladder traction boards are also affordable than the aluminum non-pliable traction boards. There are only two disadvantages of this traction board. You cannot use it as a bridge. Because they are not grippy as other options, you cannot use them for mud or water.

These are the three types of off-road traction boards. You see all types have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose the best one according to your needs. If you want a traction board for driving in sand, snow, or mud, then the plastic semi-pliable and aluminum non-pliable boards are the best options for you.

Size of Traction Boards

After the type of traction boards, the second necessary thing is the size that you should consider while buying the traction boards. You should check the dimensions of the traction boards before purchasing.

If you are going to store traction boards in your car, then make sure that there is enough space in your car to store them. If there is no space in your car, then there are some foldable traction boards also available in the market.

You can purchase those foldable traction boards if there is not enough space. If you want to buy a full-size traction board, then make sure to consider space.


The traction boards you purchase should be durable. Because a heavy vehicle being driven over them. Most traction boards are made of two materials plastic and aluminum. The aluminum traction boards are sturdy.

However, they are expensive and heavy. Also, aluminum traction boards provide less grip than plastic traction boards. But, the plastic traction boards are not durable compared to the aluminum. Especially, if you purchase a cheap traction board, then it will not last for a long time.

Make sure to check the quality of material before purchasing traction boards. If you buy a plastic traction board, then plastic should be sturdy and durable.


The purpose of the off-road traction roads is to provide your wheels grip and help you get the vehicle out. When it comes to grip, the plastic semi-pliable traction boards are the best choice. However, it depends on the road as well.

The aluminum traction board also provides a comfortable grip to get the vehicle out. If you are driving on a road with holes and ditches, then you should purchase aluminum off-road traction boards.

Easy to Clean

The traction boards can get dirty, wet, or muddy after a recovery. You have to clean them if you want to store them in the car. Make sure that the traction board you purchase is easy to clean. Keep this thing in mind while buying the best traction boards.

Handles and Straps

Well, the handles and straps are also necessary features for traction boards. Some traction boards come with straps. The straps allow you to connect two traction boards for storage purposes.

Some off-road traction boards also come with handles on the sides. The handles make the boards more convenient to carry, even if they are long.

Built-in Shovel

Some traction boards are angled on one or two edges. You can use these types of traction boards as a shovel as well. It helps you to clear away snow or sand before trying to get your wheel out. You can also use the angled edge as an ice-scraper. Mostly plastic semi-pliable traction boards have angled edges.

Best Brands of Traction Boards

There are many popular brands of traction boards on the market. But, here are the two brands that are considered the best for traction boards. The two brands are maxtrax and tread.


The maxtrax is one of the best brands of traction boards in the world. It was founded in 2001. The maxtrax is popular for its lightweight, durable, and easy-to-use products for recovering a vehicle.

Its new maxtrax MKII was the winner of two global media awards for the best new product at the 2010 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The maxtrax products are available in 30 countries. If a maxtrax traction board fits in your budget and need then you should purchase that board rather than other brands.


According to, the tread is a well-known brand for recovery traction boards. It is an Australian-owned and operated traction board brand. The tred pro is the most advanced, highly engineered, and all-in-one off-road vehicle recovery board.

The engineering and material selection process makes the product highly durable. It offers superior traction. It is also one of the best traction board brands in the world. Its material selection and engineering process make TRED unique from other brands. Also, they are not expensive traction boards.

Our Favorite Traction Boards of 2024!

ARB Tread Pro Vehicle Recovery Traction Boards  Image

ARB Tread Pro Vehicle Recovery Traction Boards

★★★★★ (4.7)

  • Well suited for mud, sand and dirt
  • Multiple color patterns available
  • Built by ARB.

The ARB Tread Pro recovery traction board comes in three colors. You can choose from gray/orange, blue/black, and green/black. It features glass-filled resin nylon teeth. These teethe reduce premature wear from wheel spin.

The recovery traction board is made of nylon material. It provides superior flexibility and durability. The ARB traction board is design for easy entering under the tire. It comes with ergonomic handles that make it easy to carry.

You can also use this traction board as a shovel. The handle makes it easy to use as a shovel. It has a lower profile for easy storage. It will not take much space in your vehicle. There is a retrofit mount available to suit most recovery board mounting options.

The ARB traction board provides ultimate traction by maintaining a high level of pressure on the tire whist. The ARB Tred Pro comes with a premium recovery leash set with neoprene cuffs for quick recovery of the boards.

You can use this recovery board in the toughest conditions whether it is sand, mud, or even snow. It has unique and patented composite construction with a sipe-lock patented design. The ARB Tred Pro is a medium price range traction board.

User’s Critic

According to a user, the ARB Trad Pro recovery traction board might not be the best for driving in snow. We found some users that do not get the leashes with the ARB traction board. Other than these two issues, the traction board is as described.


  • Sturdy and durable boards
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Comes with handles
  • Useable as a shovel


  • Might not be the best for driving in snow
  • Some users do not get leashes
  • More expensive than others in the class.
Maxsa Escaper Traction Board with Metal Grips Image

Maxsa Escaper Traction Board with Metal Grips

★★★★★ (4.2)

  • Metal Grips for better traction
  • Unique design with treads on both sides of the board.
  • Multiple color options available.
  • Lightweight and Durable

The Maxsa escaper is one of the cheap traction boards available on our list. It is available in three different colors. You can use this traction board to get any size of vehicle unstuck from ice, mud, sand, or snow.

There are treads on both sides that will grip tires and dig into the ground. It is made of high-impact polypropylene material. Polypropylene is a lightweight, durable, and strong enough material to handle any type of vehicle.

This traction board is also useful as a shovel. It is a 34 inches long and 9 inches wide board. The package will come with two Maxsa traction boards. Its raised tracks prevent tires from spinning in sand, mud, or snow.

You can easily store this Maxsa traction board in the trunk or on the roof of your vehicle. You can use this cheap traction board with coupes, sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans, and Jeeps.
Because both side treads will prevent the escaper traction board from moving. It allows you to safely get your vehicle back on solid ground.

To use this traction board, place the edges of the board as far under your drive wheels as you can. After that, lightly press the accelerator and your vehicle will get the grip it needs to get free.

User’s Critic

There are no negative reviews about this traction board on Amazon. According to the users, it is a good value-for-money traction board with metal grips. Because it is a cheap traction board, it may be less durable than other traction boards.


  • Treads on top and bottom for grip
  • Budget Friendly
  • Compatible with any vehicle
  • Made with lightweight and durable material


  • Not as durable as other traction boards
X-bull Off-road Traction Board  Image

X-bull Off-road Traction Board

★★★★★ (4.4)

  • Budget-Friendly Traction Boards
  • 10-ton maximum load capacity
  • Includes storage bag

The x-bull is the second cheapest off-road traction board on our list. It is also a best seller on amazon with more than 1K reviews. The x-bull new off-road traction board is available in more than fifteen colors.

It perfectly works with 2WD and 4WD vehicles. This traction board can effectively enhance its friction and prevent the car from getting stuck. It uses a specific structure to prevent tires from spinning in snow, sand, mud, or ice.

The x-bull new off-road traction board is suitable for all vehicles. It is made of reinforced strong nylon material. The maximum load capacity of this traction board is 10 tons on the flat ground.

It comes with a specific design and uses U-shape to maintain its stability and grip. This cheap traction board can prevent the vehicle from sliding or dislocation. You will also get an extra bag with the traction board.

The bag is helpful to put some emergency spare accessories in it. The company also provides a satisfaction guarantee. You can also use this cheap traction board as a shovel. It is also easy to use. You can check out the instructions for uses on Amazon.

User’s Critic

We found many user reviews that the traction board is not long-lasting. As it is a cheap traction board it can be cracked after the first couple of use. Some users are complaining that they have not got the bag or pins with the traction board.


  • Low Cost and Works Great
  • Comes with storage bags
  • 10-ton maximum load capacity
  • Works with all vehicles


  • Does not stack compactly
  • Less Durability
Leadracks Traction Off-road Traction Board Image

Leadracks Traction Off-road Traction Board

★★★★★ (4.5)

  • Multifunction boards with reflectors and shovel feature
  • 10 ton Weight Limit
  • Cold Resistant
  • UV-stabilized, flexible, and strong reinforced engineering-grade nylon

The leadracks off-road traction board is also available at a cheap price. It comes in seven different colors. The colors are black, orange, blue, pink, green, olive, and desert. The leadracks traction board works well in both hot and cold climates.

It can withstand temperatures as low as 20° below zero. The traction board is made of firm materials selected for durability and long life. It has 48 reinforced beams that provide a solid structure for the sandboard.

The reinforced beams improve the durability of the traction board. It ensures that the board will not easily break. There is a star-shaped grip anchor that helps to fix the track in place and provides additional bite edges.

The leadracks traction board comes with an ergonomic handle on the sides. It increases the comfort and portability with the curvature of human fingers. This is an easy-to-clean off-road traction board. You only need to rinse the board with a water pipe.

There are eight keyholes in the middle to securely mount rails to some fixing pins. It also features a shovel design. The traction board also has safety and reflective stickers to enhance night safety. You will also get a bag with the leadracks traction board.

User’s Critic

There are a few users say who say that the traction board is not working properly in cold and icy conditions. Also, the leadrack cheap traction board is a bit heavier than others as it is made of high-quality materials.


  • Durable and strong
  • Large board
  • Traction spikes
  • Perfect for off-roading
  • Easy to use


  • Sometimes not working in cold and icy conditions
  • A bit heavier than other
Bunker Indust Off-road Cheap Traction Board  Image

Bunker Indust Off-road Cheap Traction Board

★★★★★ (4.5)

  • Unique Compatible Jack Plate
  • UV Resistant
  • Inexpensive Compare to Average

Again a cheap traction board from the Bunker Indust. The bunker traction board comes in two different colors black and red. The Bunker Indust off-road traction board features a unique jack base in the center of the board for emergency work.

It is compatible with all jacks. You can easily store the traction board in the trunk or on the roof of your vehicle. There are ergonomic handles that make it easier to carry around. It provides excellent convenience while using it as a shove.

There are four keyholes as well that allow comfortable mounting. It is made of tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon. Its material is flexible, durable, lightweight, easy to clean, anti-corrosion, and UV resistant.

The Bunker Industcheap traction board is an ideal choice for off-road use. It comes with cross-shaped and well-positioned teethes. These teethes will prevent the vehicle from slipping back.

It also comes with a leash for the Bunker recovery track. The leash will help you to find and retrieve your track when it is buried in the ground after a recovery. The Bunker Indust cheap traction board works with any vehicle. You can use it while driving in desert, snow, muddy, and river.

User’s Critic

According to a user, some of the traction thread plastics come off after a few uses. On the other hand, some users say that this is a less expensive traction board but not poorly constructed.


  • Comes with jack base feature
  • Great price and value
  • Lightweight
  • Nice customer support
  • Good construction


  • Traction thread plastics come off
  • Brittle in cold conditions
Toryea Red Recovery Traction Board Image

Toryea Red Recovery Traction Board

★★★★★ (4.3)

  • Budget-Friendly Recovery
  • 10-Ton Weight Capacity

The Toryea recovery traction board is the cheapest traction board on this list. It is available in four different colors red, orange, black, and green. If you are finding the cheapest model, then you should go for the Toryea traction board.

It will cost you only around $50. The recovery traction board is compatible with 4WD vehicles. It is made of an anti-slip design and cold-resistant material. The maximum load capacity of this recovery traction board is around 10 tons.

This cheap traction board also comes with a shovel design. It can help you to remove the sediment fast. The Toryea recovery traction board is made of durable polypropylene material.

It is sturdy enough to stand up against any weather condition and emergency. The Toryea traction board is lightweight and requires less space than the other. It has a compact design. You can use this recovery traction board while driving in mud, and sand.

User’s Critic

Because it is a cheap traction board, it can be break easily in cold weather. It will not last for a long time. According to users, the Toryea traction board is also too small than the other boards available on the market.


  • Inexpensive
  • 10 ton Maximum load capacity
  • Nice material
  • Can be used as a shovel


  • Can break easily in cold weather
  • Too small than others
Orcish New Recovery Traction Board with Jack Lift  Image

Orcish New Recovery Traction Board with Jack Lift

★★★★★ (4.1)

  • Interlocking Design
  • Straps to Tie Together
  • Budget Friendly Recovery

The Orcish new recovery traction board comes in black and red colors. It is made of polymer nylon material. The Orcish recovery traction board has ten tons of load capacity on flat ground.

You can use this Orcish recovery traction board in harsh high, and low-temperature environments. The traction board comes with a double-headed shovel design.

The Orcish recovery traction board is designed with a teeth pattern. This cheap traction board also has an interlocking diamond array design. It will provide more flexibility.

It is a foldable board that can bend to 150° degrees. You will also get a one-year manufacturer warranty. The traction board also features a jack lift base. Its handle design makes the board easy to carry.

You do not need to spend extras on mounting pins. The traction board will come with four mounting pin. However, it does not include any bag like a few other traction boards.

User’s Critic

According to a user, the handle area can be crack easily in cold conditions. Also, these cheap traction boards stack a little high than regular ones. Users are also having issues with the color. Some users get an orange traction board rather than a red.


  • Great value to cost.
  • Stout traction board
  • Lightweight
  • One-year warranty


  • Doesn’t conserve much space stacked
  • Handle area known to break

Frequently Asked Questions About Traction Boards

Are traction boards worth it?

There are no better options than traction board while you are driving off-road. It can provide you better traction than the rocks. The traction boards are the safest and cost-effective option for getting your vehicle unstuck.

How many traction boards do I need?

Well, two traction boards are necessary while driving off-road. All these traction boards will come as a set of two traction boards. However, it also depends on your uses. You can get more according to your needs.

How do you get your car out of snow and mud?

Follow the steps given below once your car is stuck. • Do not stop if your car is sliding • Do not spin the wheels once your car is stuck • Use traction boards and put them under your tires • Smoothly press the accelerator

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