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Image of Jenga National Parks ► Family Fun Jenga National Parks
Image of Outside Inside Basecamp Tumbling Tower ► Travel Size Outside Inside Basecamp Tumbling Tower
Image of GoSports Pro Grade Indoor/Outdoor Ladder Toss ► Most Challenging GoSports Pro Grade Indoor/Outdoor Ladder Toss
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Why Overlanders bring Camping Games?

Although most of the overland adventure takes place on the road or while you are exploring nature, you have to spend some time inside the camp too. The camp games are designed in a way that they do not occupy much space and can endure any amount of travel. These also keep the kids entertained for a prolonged period.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Camping Game

There are at times when you just wish to enjoy what Mother Nature offers. Varied kinds of camping games tend to enhance your overall wellbeing, but choosing the best can be a challenging endeavor. You would certainly not wish to start a game only to get bored and leave it halfway, right? Mentioned below are three factors to consider when selecting camping games for kids. Please check them out right now.

Time Available

There are some camp games that you can play for only a few minutes, and there are again many that go on for hours. A handful of overlanders, after all, a camp for an entire month while a majority only spend a day or two outside. Closely evaluate your schedule to agree on the free time you have and then select a game that you can make the most out of during that free time. You can play a lot of games in bits and still have immense fun. It all comes down to the time available.


A variety of fun camping games for kids call for specialized skills. For instance, paintball requires substantial training, or else you may get injured. In order to play as well as enjoy a game, please teach your kids the rules and ask them to adhere to them under all circumstances. You yourself can learn the basics from any website or read the instructions written on the packaging. The level of expertise may not seem like an important factor, but do not neglect it.

Safety and Weather

A large number of camp games can be played inside the tent, but a few require the players to be outside. So check the weather condition beforehand. You would not want your kids to get hurt, so paying attention to safety becomes mandatory. If a game clearly specifies parental guidance, make sure your children do not play it without any supervision. You would not want any accident while enjoying your Overlanding adventure, right?
Another factor to keep in mind is budget. There are many camp games that you can play for free, but there are again some that you have to purchase online or from a store. You have to monitor the plethora of options and the sum that you agree to spend. Conduct research and place orders early to avoid the last-minute rush. It is also necessary to buy the supplies early or else you would miss out on the special discounts. That being said, always remember, planning as well as the selection of the right game is what matters and not the money spent.
Choosing the correct overland camping game contributes to your peace of mind and also enhances the entire experience. Plan with the utmost caution, and your outdoor escapade will go as desired.
How to Select the Best Fun Games While Camping
Owing to a wide range of options readily available, selecting one camping game from among the lot can be challenging as well as time-consuming. You need to take into account the requirements of the children. Remember, if you end up choosing an interesting game, you will be able to keep your little ones engrossed for a prolonged period. This will, in turn, provide you the opportunity to explore more.

Pay Attention to Imagination

The kids will consider camp games fun only if they manage to feed their imagination. Do choose a product that can tap into the creative quotient without becoming monotonously educative! Remember, your kids are also out on a trip.

Make Sure the Game Is Multiplayer

A camp game needs to be multiplayer, or in other words, several people should be able to play it simultaneously. Even if you have one kid, at times, you may also feel like participating.

Look Out for Definite Instructions

Camping games are preferred only when they come with a set of definite instructions. How else would the kids be able to understand how to play, right? Even if the game seems easy, still go through the instructions and ask your children to abide by them no matter what.

Five Best Camping Games for an Overlanding Adventure

Overland camping is nothing less than an adventure where you get to delve into the remotest corners of nature. To spice up things a tad more, make sure to bring along a few games. These games must be interesting, engaging, and easily understandable. After all, your primary aim is to keep your kids entertained while you indulge in different sorts of fascinating chores. Mentioned below are five fun games to play while camping.

Our Favorite Games at Camp of 2024!

Jenga National Parks Image

Jenga National Parks

★★★★★ (4.7)

  • Jenga National Parks has acquired popularity probably because they allow you to admire America’s treasures, namely Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc.
  • They do not take much of your time and are perfect for kids who are six years or above.
  • The Jenga blocks are absolutely smooth and uniform so that you can place them on top of one another without any hassle.

With Jenga National Parks, the overland campers get the opportunity to celebrate the exceptional beauty of the National Park System of America. Jenga is about making a stack of blocks without letting them fall, obviously. These blocks are a bit more amazing because they have a fun fact engraved about National Parks.


  • 54 Blocks and hundreds of education facts about national parks.
  • Jenga National Parks benefits America’s National Park Foundation.
  • Great for Adults and Kids
  • Compactly sized for easy travel.
  • Perfect gift for campers and overlanders.


  • Smaller size increase the difficult of the game
Outside Inside Basecamp Tumbling Tower Image

Outside Inside Basecamp Tumbling Tower

★★★★★ (4.5)

  • Lightweight and easily packed
  • Includes carrying case
  • Durable material for long life.

The Outside Inside Basecamp Tumbling Power is the only ideal for the overland campers but also all sorts of adventurers – hikers, sportsmen, and paddlers. The players need to take turns to remove and restack the blocks without, of course, trying to tumble down the tower.


  • Compact design, ideal for Overlanding
  • Estimated life of 30 years!
  • Great for all ages.
  • It comes with dice that simply add to the fun.


  • Increased difficulty due to the compact size.
GoSports Pro Grade Indoor/Outdoor Ladder Toss Image

GoSports Pro Grade Indoor/Outdoor Ladder Toss

★★★★★ (4.5)

  • Great game for travel
  • Breaks down to a compact size for easy travel.
  • The plastic construction makes it waterproof.

The GoSports Pro Grade Indoor/Outdoor Ladder Toss can successfully enhance any gathering. Even if you are not an adventurous person, you will surely have fun in this backyard game.

Toss your bolo at the opposite ladder to score, 1, 2, or 3 points.


  • Includes everything needed to play
  • Includes carrying case for easy travel.
  • Rubber balls are safe for kid use.
  • Thicker tube construction for durability


  • While thicker the tubes still can flex during use. (That was not an excuse for losing)
Outside Inside Backpack Bocce Image

Outside Inside Backpack Bocce

★★★★★ (4.2)

  • Outside Inside Backpack Bocce is portable.
  • Include a nylon mesh bag for transportation.
  • The balls are 1.75 inches wide and light weight

Outside Inside Backpack Bocce is specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts throughout the world, including overland campers. You can play this Bocce set wherever you want, such as on the playground, during barbecue parties, and even on the beach.


  • The compact design of the classic game
  • Great for all ages. Adult to kids.
  • High quality and durable.
  • Multiple color balls. (kids will pick favorites)


  • The balls might seem excessively flimsy and hollow.
Outside Inside Backpack Cornhole Image

Outside Inside Backpack Cornhole

★★★★★ (4.2)

  • Mini Cornhole is conveniently packed that the overland campers can carry along with other items.
  • It is absolutely perfect for any outdoor space.
  • The game performs efficiently for a prolonged period.

The Outside Inside Backpack Mini Cornhole is an exceptionally interesting and competitive game that can even captivate the attention of the adults. It is an excellent option for backcountry trips.


  • Mini Cornhole is light in weight, and that is what the overland campers want. They do not wish to carry heavy bags.
  • You can play anywhere on the ground or the tabletop.
  • Mini Cornhole allows players to challenge one another.
  • The Mini Cornhole set can save space while you travel.


  • Bags are quite a bit lighter than traditional bags.
  • Some may find the mini Cornhole too tiny.

Our Games at Camp Recommendation

Our Recommendation

All the camp games stated above have their fair share of pros and cons, so you need to simply choose the one that suits your needs or that you find convenient. Jenga has acquired the most popularity probably because kids will be able to play them outdoors and indoors.

If your interested in other games we recommend checking Outside Inside’s store on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Games at Camp

How Many Camping Games Must I Carry?

Most people wonder how many games to carry while on overland camping. Well if you take only one, you will get bored too quickly. The number of games actually depends on the time for which you will remain outside.

Why are Camping Games Important?

Camping games are exceptionally important, probably because they help kids learn a lot of things. The kids manage to resolve problems without any hassle and be resourceful. The fun games while camping also enhances the cognitive capacity.

Which Season is Best for Camping?

The summer season is believed to be the best since you soak the sunshine and swim whenever you want. Many people also love discovering the charms of the outdoors during autumn and spring since the weather at that time remains comfortable.

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