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Image of Plano Sportsman’s Trunk ► Best Value & What We Run Plano Sportsman’s Trunk
Image of ROAM Rugged Case ► Perfect fpr Low Profile Cargo Racks ROAM Rugged Case
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The last year has caused a major segment of the population to find solutions that could soothe and satiate their wanderlust in a seamless manner. The urge to travel after being trapped inside the house for several months due to lockdown has increased to a great extent.  Many hit the road in their vehicles instead of hopping on public means of transportation such as train and plane to avoid the crowds and adhering to the social distancing norm.

A Brief Note on Overlanding

Overlanding has acquired widespread popularity all across the globe. It is a term utilized for the people who travel in their cars or trucks to camp in the remotest locations and spend some time outdoors. The chief aim is to go off the grid and enjoy the wilderness without much distraction. Overlanders travel for a prolonged period – sometimes across the international borders for years.

So, it is natural that they prioritize planning and preparation a lot.

Why Do Overlanders Need Storage Boxes?

Storage is considered the most significant factor when going for trips. Regardless of the duration, whether for consequent months or for a weekend, there are diverse options readily available to organize as well as store the food, gear, and other essentials that can make staying outside easy. Choosing the best overland storage boxes is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. One needs to consider the amount of space, the items they wish to carry, the location, and the budget, of course.

A renowned traveler recently said that when the pandemic started subsiding a bit, he grabbed the chance to travel through Arizona, California, and Utah, exploring spots such as Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and the Sierra Nevada. He then learned why it is crucial to test the varied storage solutions for self-propelled travel.

What Role Do Vehicles Play?

The type of vehicle also plays a major role to play. SUVs and cars have the luxury of accommodating a trunk or internal cargo, which offers extra protection from multiple elements. Trucks with open beds may be easy to unload and load. However, they have the disadvantage of being exposed to water, heat, and dust. Open beds are not safe from thieves, so it will be necessary to install security devices. Fortunately, there are storage boxes that can resolve this situation.

What Must Overlanders Consider When Choosing a Storage Solution?

In order to choose overland storage boxes, one must take three factors into consideration – weight, compartments, and safety. To know more, continue reading.

  • Weight – Storage boxes that are light in weight are obviously preferred since they can be carried from one place to another.
  • Compartments- The storage boxes need to have multiple compartments so that the overlanders can categorize the items they have seamlessly.
  • Safety- Storage boxes must be cent percent durable and capable of remaining safe even when subjected to harsh conditions.

Another additional thing to consider is the straps. The storage boxes must be equipped with removable straps so they can be carried in whatever way the owner desires.

How to Select the Right Product? Types of Storage Boxes Found in the Market


For overlanders who drive SUVs and trucks, an in-built drawer can assure protection as well as organization. These systems are designed in a way that they can be mounted to the vehicle directly. They are manufactured from wood, metal, and different types of plastics.

Roof Rack

Overland roof rack storage box has managed to create a buzz all over the world. They are known for lock capability, spacious nature, and weather protection. Roof racks possess an aerodynamic design that can help save fuel and reduce wind noise. Isn’t that amazing?

Soft Case

Soft cases are believed to be advantageous since they are light in weight, portable, and affordable. These versatile choices have several compartments starting from zippered pockets to padded dividers. Soft cases are also easy to pack since they can be flattened down without any hassle. They can go anywhere, be it a garage or inside the tent.

Cargo Case

A top-notch overland cargo box must be the foundation for all adventures. These boxes come in diverse sizes and are made from materials ranging from aluminum to hard plastics. Cargo boxes are popular because they are fire-resistant. Many are airtight, so, can be submerged inside the water without harming the contents. The hard exterior can be mounted on the truck bed, roof rack, etc.

Our Favorite Overland Storage Boxes of 2024!

Plano Storage Trunk Image

Plano Storage Trunk

★★★★★ (4.6)

  • The storage trunk has wheels, and thus, it can be moved from one place to another easily.
  • The vast interior tends to accommodate extra-large objects or bulky equipment.
  • The strong removable lid makes Plano user-friendly in nature.

Plano Storage Trunk (108 quarts) is one of the best overland storage boxes available currently in the market. The overlanders would love this product since it would help them stay organized and keep their gear safe no matter what the season is.


  • Reinforced wheels for smooth transportation.
  • Brackets on both sides and recessed handles make the storage box easy to carry.
  • The molded grooves enable stacking.
  • Besides durable latches, there are padlock tabs that increase the safety quotient.


  • The price is too high.
Plano Sportsman’s Trunk Image

Plano Sportsman’s Trunk

★★★★★ (4.8)

• Plano Sportsman Trunk has been lately perceived as one of the best overland storage boxes because they are found in three convenient sizes and allow the items to be stacked on top of each other without any hassle.
• The completely removable lids and the heavy-duty latches are a few more worth-mentioning features.

Plano Sportsman’s Trunk (68 quarts) is another excellent storage solution for the overlanders. It has their hunt covered long before they step on the field. Plano aims to keep gear protected no matter what the weather, season, terrain, or a user’s technique is. The brand claimed that enhancing Overlanding passion is its chief motive.


  • The tie-down extensions ensure security during transportation.
  • The molded grooves are meant for durable stacking.
  • Plano Sportsman’s Trunk is manufactured from incredibly strong plastics, so they can endure any sort of impact.
  • It ensures convenience regardless of the vehicle an overlander owns.


  • While the trunk seems fine with two layers of items, the minute you add a third layer, it starts deforming.
ROAM Rugged Case Image

ROAM Rugged Case

★★★★★ (4.6)

  • Equipped with a long-lasting LLDPE shell, steel latches, weather and dustproof gasket seal, and Nylon ropes, the ROAM rugged cases make sure Overlanding items remain protected no matter what the terrain is.
  • An exclusive feature of ROAM Rugged Case is the Molle Panel Insert, which was crafted keeping the organization in mind.
  • The Panel Insert has a custom mounting surface that ensures the overlanders can reach their gear and interchange it to meet their requirements. Molle Panel prevents the case from sagging. One may also attach Velcro pouches to it.

The 160 L ROAM Rugged Case is found in four colors – desert tan, black, slate, and OD green; thus, it can match a variety of styles. It is a heavy-duty overland gear storage solution ideal for keeping camping tools.


  • There is a bottle opener integrated inside the rugged case.
  • The webbing handles allow overlanders to carry ROAM rugged cases without much difficulty.
  • The hinges are shaped in a way that the case never loses its structural integrity.
  • The gas strut ensures the lid remains open when one is taking items outside.
  • The weather-proof seal lets the items stay dry under all circumstances.


  • The rugged case costs much more than what it offers.
ROLA Wallaroo Cargo Bag Image

ROLA Wallaroo Cargo Bag

★★★★★ (4.3)

  • ROLA cargo bag is manufactured from rainproof materials and has seams that are sonically welded.
  • The ROLA Wallaroo has a six-strap system so that the overlanders can attach them securely to the baskets or cargo trays. There are two pockets in the interior for smaller items and accessories.
  • The ROLA Wallaroo bag is a smart storage option since it can modify itself according to the Overlanding adventure – road trips, excursions, camping, and outdoor activities.
  • One can store them when not in use easily by simply folding them like a piece of cloth.

The ROLA Wallaroo Cargo Bag has acquired extensive recognition among the overlanders because it can free up a lot of space inside the vehicle. The bag can expand to 11 cubic feet from just 9 feet when unzipped.


  • Thanks to the manifold zippers, the bag can expand and let one store many items simultaneously.
  • The rainproof materials and sonically welded seams allow the bag to stay clean, dry, and protected.
  • The ROLA Wallaroo cargo bag has a collapsible design so it can be folded without any difficulty.
  • It is one of the best overland storage boxes as it can be used for camping, excursion, road trip, etc.


  • Unfolding the bag can be hard.
ROAM Rugged Case Image

ROAM Rugged Case

  • There is an in-built drain plug that allows overlanders to decompress the case when it is not in use.
  • ROAM manufactured these storage solutions to help overlanders who love camping or staying outside.
  • ROAM is the perfect adventure equipment brand that assures quality along with affordability.

The 52 L ROAM Rugged Case is extremely tough and can endure a wide range of external elements as well as weather conditions.


  • ROAM rugged case is found in four colors so it can match different styles.
  • The stackable design makes organizing items absolutely easy.
  • The steel latches keep the items easy safe.
  • Overlanders can attach Velcro pouches for storing more items.


  • ROAM rugged case is excellent, but one cannot lock it.

Our Overland Storage Box Recommendation

All the overland storage boxes stated above have a fair share of pros and cons. Before choosing one, you need to weigh them. We believe each is ideal for Overlanding, and the overlanders must opt for one that they feel best suits their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Overland Storage Boxes

How to Carry the Storage Boxes?

Whatever storage box the overlanders use, it must fit inside their vehicle, be carried on the trailer, and/or mounted outside. It is essential to take into account in advance how exactly to fit the gear and the passengers without much difficulty. One temptation is to put the gear on the top, but this makes the vehicle excessively top-heavy and increases the chances of tipping over. A few overland storage containers are designed for stacking. So they are relatively stable and save substantial amounts of space. Some are known for their tie-down features like groves and holes that enable the overlanders to fasten the containers tightly inside the vehicle or lash them to some rack, be it roof rack, trailer, or tow hitch. Lately, a large number of companies have created racks where the storage boxes can fit. These are functional addition. The only downside is the high cost and lack of versatility. Such racks are made only for certain vehicles.

Are Storage Boxes Durable?

The overlanders need storage boxes that are durable or that can last long with little to no maintenance. Well, cost plays a huge role here. The immensely sturdy, professional-grade storage solutions cost a fortune. You may find cheaper options at the Home Depot or from other big retailers, but these would not last if used roughly. You can purchase replacements but having storage solutions break in the middle of the trip is a headache.

• Are the storage boxes weather-resistant or waterproof?

The waterproof overland storage boxes are on the pricier side. That being said, keeping the items dry in wet weather is a necessity. Waterproof solutions are specifically useful if the overlanders wish to mount them outside the vehicle or if they know that the containers will be exposed to various weather conditions. If one decides to carry the storage box inside the vehicle, rain is not really a problem. They might be able to get away even when the system is not watertight. Now that the overlanders know more or less everything about storage boxes and also which storage boxes can streamline Overlanding, they must place the orders unhesitatingly. Go through the aforementioned discussion once again before arriving at a decision.

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