5 Best Vehicle Freezers for Overlanding

Our Top Vehicle Freezer Picks

Image of Dometic Geartree Portable Refrigerator ► Most Versitile Overland Frigerator Dometic Geartree Portable Refrigerator
Image of ARB 82 Quarts Electric Powered Freezer ► Best Overall Overland Refrigerator ARB 82 Quarts Electric Powered Freezer
Image of BougeRV 52 Quarts 110-240V AC Fridge ► Highest Capacity Vehicle Refrigerator BougeRV 52 Quarts 110-240V AC Fridge
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Why people love Overlanding? People love Overlanding because it introduces them to some new experiences and adventures. It is the best opportunity to explore a new adventure. Every Overlander has a different target and wishes about Overlanding but one thing that will match with most of the overlanders is having an Overlanding Fridge.

If you get some cold drinks while Overlanding, it has different feelings. As well as it will also help you to carry frozen foods which you can cook while camping in a stranger place. You also can carry chocolates and various types of cooked food inside to freeze.

When someone searches the freezer for Overlanding, all they want the best Overlanding freezers on a decent budget. That’s why we made a complete buying guide which will help you to find the best one for you. So, let’s have a look at it.

Overland Freezer: Is It Really Worth For Overlanders?

Everyone has their different motive, different choice, different wishes. A photographer only knows the importance of a powerful lens as like as only Overlanders can realize how worth an Overland refrigerator is for them.

There is some important reason behind it. Going to a remote place provides you lots of uncertainty. Availability of foods you want to take is one of them. If you have your own overland freezer then you have no tension about food because you can carry quality foods and materials with you.

Things to Consider Before Buying Overland Freezer

We always need to give proper value to our money. So, when buying something we all need to justify the product properly because our final goal is to fulfill our demand. We should follow some basic things before buying an overland freezer. Let’s discuss that.

Controlling system:

Technology is upgrading day by day and making our life easier. Nowadays various kinds of devices can be controlled by remote over smartphone as well freezes too. You can look for this feature if you don’t want to use the control button of freeze.

Cooling System:

Cool temperature keeps food fresh for a long time if the refrigerator cannot provide proper temperature then it will be useless.

Insulation System:

A proper insulation system only can provide the proper temperature. So you must need to be careful about the build material of the insulator of the freeze.

Power Usage:

As this is a portable freeze so you just need to select the one which consumes less power and provides the proper energy.

Size and capacity:

Size is a big factor here, as the freeze is for Overlanding purpose then it should be portable and compact as much as possible. Select the size according to your vehicle capacity and capacity depends on how much food you need to carry for you and your family.

Our Favorite Vehicle Freezers of 2024!

Dometic Geartree Portable Refrigerator  Image

Dometic Geartree Portable Refrigerator

★★★★★ (4.9)

  • Capacity: 45 Liters
  • Weight: 63 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Geartree
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Price Tested: $959.99 USD


We always want fresh food because they are healthy. When you go Overlanding you must need fresh foods and fruits also to eat. This particular freezer’s best feature is to keep food fresh. You can also carry dairy foods that will remain fresh for a long time.

Let’s have a look through its design, capacity, and power property. In one word it looks handsome and comes with 45 Liters of capacity which is enough for some days for your family and friends. It’s a heavy-duty freezer which you can operate with AC/DC and also by Solar panel.



When we hear about heavy-duty performance one thing automatically comes to mind that it might be very large in size and the weight is very huge. But it’s totally different. It’s heavy-duty but lightweight enough.

Super Cooling System:

The model of its compressor is VMS03 which provides maximum power it has. So the coiling system is far better than another freezer.

Wireless Technology:

Life is easier by the grace of technology now. Following updated technology, it has Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth-connected wireless temperature controlling system.


  • It has a three-step battery protection system which completely saves the car from battery damage issue.
  • Powerful cooling technology
  • Wireless temperature controlling system
  • You can run it both AC/DC or with a Solar system.
  • Durable and much Portable


  • Warranty is only for 3 years
  • Has only two shelves
ARB 82 Quarts Electric Powered Freezer Image

ARB 82 Quarts Electric Powered Freezer

★★★★★ (4.8)

  • Dimensions: 35.3 x 21.6 x 19.3 inches
  • Weight: 73.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: ARB
  • Warranty: Full Brand Warranty

Price Tested: $1397.48 USD


ARB offers an 82 Quarts freezer! It’s a huge capacity for carrying a smart amount of foods while Overlanding. ARB always focuses on quality, and they provide the best products always. So, don’t worry about longevity.

Totally electric powered that’s why its cooling system works properly and smoothly. The temperature controlling system is better with manual buttons and you can also adjust the temperature by application on Smart phones.


Easily Fit in Cars:

We can see that this one is 73.8 pounds. You might have a question that if you can set it properly in your car. The answer is yes you can because its size is not too big according to its weight.

Electric Powered:

This product only works in electric power. This is good because with an electric power supply it works properly and the cooling system is very smooth.


It can hold up to 120* 1-ounce cans properly. The amazing thing is it can also hold about two liters of size bottle inside.


  • Easily fit-able inside car
  • Proper cooling system
  • Capacity is good
  • Can hold up to two liters of size bottle
  • It has a full brand warranty


  • It’s heavy
  • Price is high
F40C4TMP 12V Travel Freeze for Car Image

F40C4TMP 12V Travel Freeze for Car

★★★★★ (4.4)

  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 12.6 x 14.37 inches
  • Weight: 27.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: F40C4TMP
  • Brand: F40C4TMP
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty

Price Tested: $239.99 USD


Are you really a lover of portable and easy movable refrigerators? No other fridge will be as portable as this freeze. It’s only 27.1 pounds in weight. F40C4TMP has a fast cooling system and also an energy-saving system.

You can’t deny the awesome design of this model. As it is 12V freeze it doesn’t provide any noise which will not disturb you while driving.



It’s a little size freezer but has the well capacity to contain enough foods. Tensed about capacity in a vertical way? It can contain about a 1.5-liter bottle easily vertically.


Heavy-duty and large capacity freezes do noise and that is natural. As it is super portable and small in size so it doesn’t provide noise. So, you can properly concentrate on driving.

Battery Protection:

Battery protection is an important thing, Car battery is an expensive thing so it has a three-way battery protection system that will not affect your car battery life.


  • You can place it anywhere easily inside the car
  • Low noise
  • 3way battery protection
  • Fast cooling system
  • Energy-saving system


  • Not suitable for a huge amount of food
BougeRV 52 Quarts 110-240V AC Fridge Image

BougeRV 52 Quarts 110-240V AC Fridge

★★★★★ (4.3)

  • Dimensions: 22 x 13 x 21 inches
  • Weight: 46.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: BougeRV
  • Brand: BougeRV
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty

Price Tested: $359.99 USD


First of all, you can see its dimension which is smart enough for Truck, Jeep, and Boat. That means it is capable of different types of vehicles. Weight is 46.1 pounds which is smart enough for the size.

With a low power consumption system, it can run fast cooling operations to -4 degrees F which is indeed pretty good performance.



We selected this product for best capacity, According to its pricing, power consumption, and size this one is perfect for capacity.

Fast Cooling:

Every Freezer doesn’t have this feature. It can cool up to -4 degrees F within a short time.

Low power consumption:

Though it is big in size it consumes less power and provides proper performance.


Normally big-size freezers do some noise. It comes with very low noise. You can properly sleep inside your car after a long journey.


  • Comes with high capacity
  • Low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast cooling system.
  • 3-way battery saver


  • The price is high.
  • Too heavy
F40C4TMP Portable car refrigerator of 30 Quart Image

F40C4TMP Portable car refrigerator of 30 Quart

★★★★★ (4.4)

  • Dimensions: 22.68 x 12.6 x 15.51 inches
  • Weight: 30.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer: F40C4TMP
  • Brand: F40C4TMP
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty

Price Tested: $279.99 USD


This Overlanding freezer is filled up with various types of features. It has super cooling power that can perform within 15minuits, no need for any external ice. It also has a battery protection system which helps car battery to remain healthy.

If you go through the capacity you can notice that it’s more than enough for Overlanding. The temperature cooling system looks pretty good with an LCD display.


Dual Use:

It runs both in AC and DC. For AC it needs 110-240V and for AC it needs 12/24 V. It’s a great option for the both outdoor and indoor use.

Fast Cooling:

Its fast cooling system can cool it within 15 minutes without any help of external ice.

Power Consume:

Its a huge portable car refrigerator but it consumes low power. It consumes only 1KWH per day.


  • Fast cooling system
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery saver
  • Eco friendly
  • 2 Years warranty


  • Little it noisy
  • There is no color variant

Our Vehicle Freezer Recommendation

Overlanding is one kind of relaxation for the mind. Overlanding becomes more comfortable and enjoyable if you have the best Overlanding freezers in your car. It’s a dream of all Overlanders. With good research, we made a list of the best Overlanding fridges in the market.

If you love to Overland alone then F40C4TMP 12V Travel Freeze for Car is the right choice and if you want to go with friends or family then go for ARB 82 Quarts Electric Powered Freezer. So, collect your freezer today and enjoy Overlanding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Freezers

How big of a fridge do I need for Overlanding?

The smart size for an overlanding fridge is 40L which can contain a large amount of food and beverages.

Are ARB fridges really waterproof?

ARB is a leader in the offroad community that has built their brand around quality and reputation, so it is no wonder they are totally waterproof and corrosion-resistant.

What are the benefits of having a freezer is Overlanding?

There is lots of reason behind it, among them the major one is you can ditch the ice cooler and you can enjoy fresh foods the entire trip. Ice coolers all have a length of life you need to adhere to for freshness.

How long before I can put food in a new freezer?

Once your freezer is set up and cooling, you can start putting food and beverages in it 4 hours after.

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