Where to Buy Used Overland Equipment?

You don’t need to empty your bank account to get your hands on the best adventure gear. There are many places you can affordably source used overland equipment that is in excellent condition. Below, we’ve put together a list of top places to buy used overlanding gear.

At the end of the post, you’ll know where to find the best camping gear and vehicle parts that will allow you to venture off the beaten track, explore the great outdoors, and enjoy your journey.

First, Why Buy Used Overlanding Gear?

It Drastically Cuts Overlanding Costs – There’s a common misconception that everyone who gets into overlanding spends tons of money to sustain the hobby. On the contrary, most overlanders are usually on a tight budget and are always looking for ways to save money. One of the best ways to minimize costs without sacrificing performance is to buy gently-used second-hand equipment. Prices are often more than 50% cheaper.

The Equipment is Readily Available – You can easily find plenty of unique second-hand overlanding gear. You’ll even discover rare items that are no longer produced, making your experience in the wild more fulfilling. If you’re looking to modify a decades-old vehicle, you most likely won’t find new parts. But you can always find high-quality used parts on the market.

It’s Eco-Friendly – Recycling outdoor gear and auto parts is highly beneficial to the environment. That’s because building new equipment means going back to the environment and draining its natural resources. But reusing existing equipment saves the planet from excessive mining, which destroys our habitat. It also reduces waste and scrap that is either disposed of in the sea, burned, or buried underground.


Best Places to Buy Used Overland Gear

From rooftop tents, camping furniture, adventure journals to fully equipped, ready-to-overland vehicles, the places below will help you find second-hand equipment that suits your overlanding style.

Best User Overland Gear on Craigslist

For years, Craigslist has remained the go-to site for adventure enthusiasts seeking affordable used gear. Their platform is easy to navigate, and you can quickly find unbelievable deals from people in your area or outside your city. Even better, you can search for the item you want in any city near a popular overlanding destination. Due to its high traffic, it has an enormous selection of items and plenty of gear options. You’ll find deals ranging from full-featured overland vehicles to basics like tents, hardshell lanterns, awnings, camp stoves, and storage boxes.

Favorite Categories on Craigslist

  • Camp and RV
  • Sporting Goods


Offer Up - Used Overland Gear

OfferUp is one of the largest mobile marketplaces for shopping outdoor gear, and it displays thousands of unique items located nearby. For your peace of mind, you can always check the seller’s profile, rating, and transaction history before making a purchase. Whether you want tents, backpacks, sleeping gear, camp chairs, survival guides, or hydration products, you won’t miss what you’re looking for.

Favorite Offer Up Searches


Out & Back - Used Camping Gear

If you’re intimidated by the cost of shopping for new gear, REI can help you find gently used overlanding gear at amazing prices. Their online marketplace has an extensive catalog of used equipment ranging from sleeping systems, tents, camp furniture, cooking equipment, tools, coolers to electronics. The best part is every gear they sell is inspected for quality and can be returned within 30 days after purchase. If you have any equipment you no longer need, you can trade it in even if you didn’t buy it there.


Out & Back - Used Overland Gear

Tired of browsing through endless gear sites and listings? Out&Back Outdoor puts together the best outdoor gear from multiple websites and helps you have a smooth and time-saving search experience. When you enter the name of the item you want, you’ll get results from multiple top brands all on the same page. It also allows you to see and compare different prices of the same product on one page.



The overlanding community has many forums you can join to get access to fantastic deals. You’ll not only get to buy specialized used gear but also meet fellow enthusiasts. One smart option is to search Google or Facebook for overland forums near you. There are many online communities dedicated to selling and buying used overlanding gear, complete vehicles, and auto parts. And the best part is real people share their experiences there, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Favorite Forums:


Happy Hunting

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to see the world from the road less traveled. There are multiple online marketplaces specifically designed to sell used second-hand outdoor gear. Use the resources above to begin your search, and you’ll come across some irresistible deals.

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